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About Property Tours

Property Tours, your Full Service Marketing Provider

Property Tours provides great service coupled with great products so you, the Real Estate Professional will look Professional.

Professional Photography and great Virtual Tours make properties stand out in a crowd as well as help you, the Realtor list more properties. Our services are not an expense, rather an investment in your career.


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Our tours and slideshow are provided both branded and unbranded so that you, the Broker, can link in tours, slideshows and even property web sites to both RMLS and your own company web site.

Our photography and tour packages provide you with all the photos you need and then some.

How many images do we take? we take as many as are needed to present the property.

All of our tours are cross compiled in Flash and HTML 5 and are viewed full screen on Windows, Mac, Android tables and smart phones as well as iPads and iPhones.
In addition to the RMLS Virtual Tours and slide shows I provide a fully branded YouTube Video for promoting the Property AND the Broker.

Book a photo session here.


$175.00 – Basic Photo Package – 30 plus HDR images, online photo gallery and Branded YouTube Video

Combination discounts as more options are added,  we are already there but should be ordered at the initial booking as they will affect time on site.

call Bill or Francene Jones at (503) 550-7774

Contact Property Tours
  • $175.00 - Basic Photo Package includes 30 plus HDR images, photo slideshow and Branded YouTube Video

    Combination discounts as more options are added

    • Drone images and video
    • 360 Virtual tours (3-D)
    • Video Walk throughs

    Call us at 503-550-7774 or use our contact us form.


Property Tours is a division of Red Hills Media