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It’s all about YOU

It’s all about YOU
(If it isn’t about you, then why not?)

When I started PropertyTours 6 years ago I gave you more than professional images, I provided a tour, not just a YouTube Slideshow of the pictures, but a presentation that had appeal to it.

Back then, a link to the pictures or a 360 tour of your listing was enough, but not anymore. Goliaths like Zillow , Trulia and yes, Realtor.com take and re-display your IDX information & then sell it back to you. The net result is they make everything generic, you have become just a foot note, if that.

I have always felt my job was to give you the tools to sell yourself as well as selling the property.

I have designed a new virtual tour layout that is suitable for the RMLS and a duplicate tour that promotes you.

Social Media only works because of repetition, as you promote yourself over and over again, in as many ways as possible.

Home buyers are savvy, the are smart and they are technology driven. They are not going to the Yellow Pages to find you. If you’re not found online, then you’re not found.

They are trusting you as well as paying you to MARKET their home. Putting the listing in the MLS is not marketing by today’s standards. And, it’s this marketing that will bring you more clients.

My mindset is that the more I can help you succeed, the more you want to use me. To me, that’s a win win.


I am both a Realtor and a Published Photographer, not just someone with a camera, I am giving you what I would want, and for the same price as ‘just the pictures’. I have maintained my license not to sell homes, but to make your life easier, I have RMLS access allowing you to focus more on the next listing.

Speaking of price, I have instigated online booking and if you use the coupon code “2019” you will save 15% on all of our packages for the remainder of the year. Click here to see our photo packages