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Consistency is for the big boys. When you sign up with one of the large providers of photography and tours it will always look the same because they send out which ever photographer is available and they have to look the same.

With PropertyTours.US the pictures and presentations evolve. If there is a better way to do it, we do it. Check out our active, pending and sold listings, everyone we add is better then the one we previously added. We want you to look good and we want you to reflect current technology.

With our Virtual tours we have added a speaker icon so the buyers can have music if desired, we added auto rotate and timed scene transitions because viewers have asked for it.

For our galleries we have automated them and music is available if you desire it, all of our presentations, tours and galleries can be viewed on all platforms including Apples iPad. This hasn’t been easy but even though Apple chose not to support Flash we designed everything to play on them anyway.

When we build a gallery we default to a book format, if you want a different transition, let us know and we build yours your way.

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