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Help Getting that Listing

Brochure to give seller at the bottom..

Dear Realtor,

Being a Realtor in today’s market has become very competitive and expensive. Your clients expect more from you then ever before. The market demands you market the properties better then before and better then your competition.

Professional Real Estate and Architectural Photography is an expense that is hard to justify when you do not know if the house will sell, or when it will sell.

My rates are competitive. so now is the opportunity to provide more than your competition as well as no up front expense. I offer everything you would expect from a Real Estate Photographer, straight walls, accurate colors, good lighting, lots of pictures, elevated shots to use, AND a separate 360-Virtual Tour.

I will host all the pictures and Tour on my server and give one link to attach to the RMLS Virtual Tour Link that provided both the 360 Virtual Tour and the Photo Gallery.

Please visit http://propertytours.us/148/715enorthstreet/tour.html to see what you can offer your clients. If you want to see more active listings, just ask.

Use the next few pages to sell your client, feel free to make copies or ask me to print some up for you. This is a great way to take over an expiring listing or securing a new listing.

Bill Jones


(503) 550-7774