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Panoramic Tours, good or bad?

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What is a panoramic tour or image? It’s a picture that scrolls around a room. Sometimes up and down as well. It’s not a picture that scrolls left 4 feet or right 4 feet (those are just ploys to make you think a room is bigger then it probably is).

A good panoramic image isn’t taken with a expensive mirror gimick. A decent fish-eye lens for a digital slr will cost $1000 and up, and should be the very least to build your panorama.

To get the best possible image for a good quality panorama you start with a camera that will at least allow you to shoot images in manual exposure mode. The camera is then mounted into nodal tripod head, this aligns the film (sensor) plain and lens nodal point directly over the point of rotation. Then depending on the focal length of your lens you rotate the camera 12 to 30 times to complete the rotation (after you have made sure your camera is perfectly level).

This works best in rooms with very little furniture, or be prepared to move all the stuff in the center of the room somewhere else. Oh, and be sure not to break that crystal vase while moving it.

After the image has been stitched together and color and exposure corrected it’s now ready to be uploaded to the Virtual Tour site.

We have a nodal head, we have the SLR, wide angle lenses, tripods, levelers, etc.

So, are they good or are they bad. For the right property I love them. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then remember that a good panorama started with 12 to 30 pictures.

So a panorama of the right room or property can be a fabulous marketing tool, but to have panoramas for the sake of having them, save your money and concentrate on good images.