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Jeffery and Victoria Hudson’s listing at 21973 Floral Ct NE, Aurora, OR

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Jeffery and Victoria Hudson 503-961-0615 jhudson@gmail.com

503-936-0132 vhudson@gmail.com

Jeff and Victoria work as a team of agents to deliver you unrivaled customer service, promptness, knowledge and the tools to help ensure a smooth transaction. Jeff earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from St. Olaf College and served six years in the United States Coast Guard prior to joining Victoria in real estate. His background, knowledge, work ethic and desire to serve really shows in all aspects of his job. Jeff also works hard for our Veterans to help them understand all their options and to assist them in their home buying process. Victoria, born and raised in Clackamas county, comes from a customer service background and it truly shows in her day to day interactions with our clients. Her knowledge of the real estate market and passion to ensure every client’s needs are met is the key to our success. Let Jeff and Victoria work hard for you. www.MelissaLewisHomes.com