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Covid-19 and Virtual Tours

Covid-19, it’s not going to go away soon, in fact the more we adjust our life styles and business practices to accommodate the limitations Covid-19 had brought, the more successful we will be.

I first wrote about what we will have to do in order to show (covid-19 pandemic) homes in March. So this isn’t new. What you need to understand is that the pandemic is not under control. In Umatilla, Oregon, I know, the other side of the world, they went back to stage 1, stay at home. It can happen here as well.

There has been a couple of significant changes in the Real Estate world. Mainly it’s a SELLERS market and they know it. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, they are in control. Be prepared for change, and be prepared for “I want it on the Market tomorrow”, followed by “I’m not ready yet, check back next week.”

In March, I suggested 3D virtual tours, both Matterport as well as other 360 virtual tours. (Matterport isn’t the only 360 provider. We have been providing high quality 360 virtual tours for the past six years.) Both buyers and sellers want them and it doesn’t matter if you like them or not, it’s whether the buyers and sellers like them. They are here to stay. ALL of my high volume Realtors provide them, I don’t even ask them anymore. That’s probably why they are getting the listings.

If there is land involved, then the drone is a must.

Good old pictures always worked in the past, not anymore. My standard rate of $175.00 for HDR pictures, as many as it takes is still only $175.00

  • Photography Service $175.00
  • Photography Service plus Drone $275.00
  • Photography Service plus 360 (3D) Virtual Tour $275.00
  • Photography Service plus Matterport 3D Virtual Tour $300.00

(The Matterport is $25.00 more than a regular 360 tour because I have to pay a subscription rate on having it posted on the Matterport site until the property is sold, the regular 360 virtual tours are hosted on my own servers.)

Remember that Buyers will want to walk through fewer homes and sellers will want fewer lookers in the homes. Consequently, this is the perfect time to encourage your Buyers to view any quality online tours that are available.

If we all work together toward this goal we will succeed.

Bill Jones