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Do they really want to sell?

It’s definitely strange times in the Real Estate business. I have often, in conversation, asked a seller where they are moving to. Some say up sizing for family, downsizing because of family, moving for work, the list goes on. This year I have been hearing ‘I don’t know’.

I think we are going through a time of uncertainty, political unrest, pandemics and now wildfires and they are all affecting the stock market and Real Estate Markets.

This email was already written and it dealt with the pandemic and 360 virtual tours. The closer I got to sending it out, the more irrelevant it felt to me. I think we are going through a time of widespread helplessness, we feel trapped . But there is one thing we can do, we can sell our home and move.

One of the dangers of this attitude is that it’s based on fear, not what’s best for the family. For those that have worked with me this past six years, you know that I track every home I photograph, I know when the listing goes live, when the listing goes pending and when the listing is sold.

It also means I know when the listing goes off the market and I am seeing way to many get canceled within 2 weeks of going live, sometimes even after they have gone pending. Why? I believe it’s because the seller now has to decide what to do, something they really haven’t thought about, they listed because they want something to control.

As an agent, I have always been trained to qualify the buyer, now I think it’s time for us to qualify the seller.

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