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J.P. Praisler’s listing at 9118 SW Midea Ct, Portland, OR

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J.P. Praisler
Real Estate Broker
Portland- Raleigh Hills
(503) 701-4963  |  (503) 297-1033  |  Licensed in Oregon  |  jphp@windermere.com


Jon-Paul (J.P.) Praisler

Real Estate Broker

Jon-Paul (JP) was born and raised in Laguna Beach, California. He is a graduate of the University of Idaho School of Business with a specialty in Marketing. He has spent most of his post-college life living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Along with a long career in sales, he took a short stint back to California in 2002 to help his younger brother start a demolition business called Praisler Hauling and Demolition (PHD). His years immersed in helping homeowners create their dream homes is likely what turned his love of commercial and residential real estate into reality. He has been licensed as a real estate broker in the Portland market for three years.

“My career as a real estate broker has been incredibly rewarding.  Every day I have the opportunity to work alongside collaborative colleagues and amazing clients in their pursuit of buying or selling property. Let’s hope my life in real estate is filled with the tenacity, grit and reward my golf game has provided.”

He is known in his industry to have an authentic and honest style about him. He considers himself responsive, timely, loyal and driven.  “I’ll meet you where you are and do everything I can to get you where you want to be.”


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