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Jenny Morrow’s listing at 4660 15th Ave N, Keizer, OR

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Jennifer Morrow 503-510-2686 jenny@cboregon.com

Hi! My name is Jenny Morrow. I am a real estate broker in Oregon and I specialize in the Salem/Keizer area. I love working in real estate because I enjoy working with people. I have lots of energy and a passion for homes. I am looking forward to YOUR call! I have had many personal and professional adventures in my life that make this the most perfect career for me. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is when I deliver that key to the new, proud homeowner. I promise to be honest, attentive, and thorough for you. • Do you have a question about the local real estate market? • Are you ready to start the search for your new home? • Or are you ready to sell your home and start on your new adventure? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, give me a call so we can get you moving in the direction of your dreams!
Coldwell Banker Mountain West Real Estate, Inc. 235 Union Street NE Salem, OR 97301

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