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Matt Moore’s listing at 1190 SW Russ Ln, McMinnville, OR

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Property Description



Matt Moore



It all started many years ago when I was working for a very large real estate firm Sotheby’s in Bend and I realized that I had little control over my own transactions, marketing, fees, contracts and such! The company I was previously working with had just joined with Sotheby’s Cascade in Bend and although I enjoyed learning how they operated, I was always wanting to do things a little different. I knew the only way my personality and ideas could flourish is if I went on my own. So in 2009 I leased my own office space and earned my principal brokers license.

In 2010 the market in Central Oregon was hitting rock bottom with real estate and construction. I was also a general contractor at the time and found myself traveling all over the State of Oregon to keep busy. I realized this wasn’t going to work with my wife and 2 kids at home so we sold our properties, packed up the family and moved to my hometown of Newport. All of my immediate family and many friends were currently living on the coast so we decided to take root and start a new chapter here!

There’s plenty of details that I’ve left out for the sake of keeping it simple. If your interested in any of that stuff I suggest we talk over coffee or a good beer!

The reason behind the name “Elkhorn” is due to my passion for hunting and my love for Elk. The elk “antler” (I realize it’s not a horn) is so quickly recognizable to fellow hunters and outdoor enthusiasts that i knew it would be great for marketing especially with people I can relate to.

Having my own business affords me the privilege of working with people I enjoy because I truly believe life is too valuable to work with people you don’t like. I will always do my best to take care of my clients and serve their best interests in whatever venture we embark on.

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