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What is a Virtual Tour? A 360 primer!

Simply enough, it’s a way to visualize something without being there. We see them all the time, a simple slideshow, a pair of shoes revolving. Since the early days of Internet Marketing I have been involved in bringing something to life without you actually being there. I did a tour of Ken Austin’s car collection in 2013, and to view it now, you would still be amazed and entertained. I presented a Portable Dentist Chair for use in third world countries, and made simple figurines come to life. All of this long before the name Matterport came into being.

But for our purposes here, lets look at the world of 360 Virtual Tours as used in the Real Estate Industry. it must be noted that ‘Matterport’ is just one example of a Real Estate Virtual 360 tour, It’s just a NAME and not all 360 tours are Matterport and not all Matterports are the same. Far from it.

To help with the confusion I will list different 360 tours along with an example of each, and these are just a few of the variation available. We can provide most any variation desired, Cost will vary because of the time element. What I hope to show here is the versatility offered, the ability of all our clients to offer something unique and most of all to help you better understand what you are asking for when you say to us, ‘and a virtual tour’ It should also be noted that nothing we are discussing here is ‘a video’

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Matterport, automated

Krpano auto rotate and auto advance

Krpano HotSpot Navigation

3D Vista with floorplan  (requires Floorplan)

3D Vista with sidebar

3dvista with sidebar and photo gallery

Ken Austin’s car collection, Krpano with extensive XML markup and embedded 360 tours and galleries (not what you would order for your average home)

Also Zillow 360 tours and Ricoh 360 tours. I have been doing 360 Virtual Tours for 9 years, it’s nice to see the industry catching up.