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Jan Ferguson-Bresee’s listing at 138 N Hayden Bay Dr, Portland, OR

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Jan Ferguson-Bresee


I strive at being a facilitator of real estate sales – not a sales person. My strong work ethic allows me to provide clients with as much information and support as they need to make one of the biggest decisions and purchases of their life. I am committed to follow all the details of the transaction to completion – creating as successful and stress-less of an experience as possible. My honesty, integrity, patience and enthusiasm help make me a valuable resource for both first time home buyers and downsizing sellers alike. I truly enjoy both the marketing of the new home for sale and the excitement of the hunt for just the right home.Having grown up in Portland and being the descendant of four generations of Oregonians, I know this market very well and predominantly serve and specialize in the Eastside areas of the city. If you are planning a move to Portland, or already live here, it is always my goal to make the buying process smooth and enjoyable.As a “full-service” realtor, I will follow your home sale or purchase from start to finish. 90% of my business comes from returning clients or from referrals of satisfied clients. Please contact me for additional information on buying or selling your home or property!