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Deluxe Package

With the rise in Real Estate Values, sellers expect more. Now that their $600,000.00 home has an estimated value of $800,000.00 they want to sell for $1,000,000.00.

You get the listing and after 1 week with no showings they decide it is the photography that is at fault. We both know it’s that million dollar price tag, but the seller is always right.  Maybe it’s time to get ahead of the game, give them what they want from the start and do so without breaking the bank.

I also understand that the bread and butter homes don’t need the bells and whistles because the sellers are more realistic.

That is why we have put together the DELUXE package, it allows you to satisfy both ends of the spectrum.

The down side is that I can’t give you the same day delivery you have become accustomed to. All of the editing takes time. So if you want it photographed and want to list it the same day, you have to go the standard route. If you want all the bells and whistles, then it will take and extra day or two.

And you need to tell me ahead of time.

Color Cast Removal:

Color cast refers to an unwanted shift in the overall color balance of an image, typically caused by the lighting conditions or the characteristics of the camera sensor. It results in an unnatural tint dominating the image, such as a blue or yellow cast. Color cast removal is the process of correcting or neutralizing this undesired tint to restore the image’s natural color balance.

Window Pulls:

In cinematography and video production, a “window pull” refers to a technique used to reveal detail or objects outside a window or any bright source of light within a scene. It is often used to prevent overexposure of the window or bright area while maintaining visibility of the external elements.

Below are two sets of images, the left column shows what the camera sees and the product you will recieve with out regular HDR image package. The right column is what you will receive with our deluxe HDR image package’

The Deluxe images will extend our delivery by 1 to 2 days and we charge a basic $125 additional for this service. This is very labor intensive.

Our Current Pricing Structure

Sometimes the results are more subtle as in Jump to set one or more pronounced as in Jump to set two.

The Deluxe package will also include 1 or 2 twilight conversions. Jump to set twilight

These are services we have always offered but nobody reads our services page.

Set One

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