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Anatomy of our Virtual Tour Design

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I wanted a design that was straightforward and didn’t break. The top ‘hero’ image is scrolled past when opened. Users can scroll back up if desired but the 95% reason it is there is for social media. When you submit a url to Facebook. Pinterest, Twitter, or what ever. The social media will grab and use this images because it is there.  If it wasn’t, the social media site may only display the url.

I am now offering two kinds of 360 tours, auto rotate and auto advance, the second is host spot navigation like Matterport uses. What I prefer about my usage is the hot spots are higher and go to somewhere else instead on moving you 10 feet and in mine, you are looking level with the option of looking up or down, I have always hated Matterports inherent design that make you look at the floor.

I personally hate audio or background music but some agents insist music is available, so I have added a media player, turn the music on or off, or better yet, we can record a verbal description of the property and it can play that instead. It can be paused and restarted at will. The other advantage is the same music continues no matter what you are viewing instead of music on, song ? while in the gallery, stop song and start new one when looking at the 360, etc.

Menu on the side isn’t there on mobile devices, takes up to much real estate and on mobile everything is vertical.

Property description and realtor are in drop down panels, open or close as desired. RMLS version doesn’t have the realtor block.

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