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Real Estate Photographer or Real Estate Marketer

Since the beginning we have always offered more bang for the buck .
We have always thought of ourselves as Marketers, not just a photographers.

The Realtors job is to sell the property and they hire us to give them those tools. They should also be thinking about how to use those same tools to sell themselves to perspective clients, to build a presence.

Have we done our job?  We believe the answer is a resounding yes. We have many clients that have hired us for 50 plus properties, one is at 135 properties at the time of this writing. If we where not doing our job they probably wouldn’t keep hiring us.

When it comes to marketing the property and marketing our client, we have no competition. There are many photographers and they do good work but what do they give you in addition to the photos, video or 3D tour? From what we see on the web, not much. In fact most RE photographers send their images overseas to be processed. That’s fine if you don’t mind images that all look alike, images that have been modified and desaturated until they no longer look like the property. You may think this is good, but buyers want to see the real thing.

It is your job to present an accurate representation of what you are selling and those are the tools we strive to provide.
As an added BONUS, we then Market you, the Realtor.

What do you do with the video links, Matterport links, photo images other than include them in your MLS listing and hope they show up in Zillow, Redfin, etc.? Our competition doesn’t care, they did their job and now the rest is up to you.

Here is where we are different, we give you the same links and images as other RE photographers do and then we do the following marketing of your property.

We provide a polished Virtual Tour that includes everything you placed an order for in ONE place. Slide shows, Matterport tours, Floorplans, Drone images and videos and even a Google Map that shows all nearby attractions, hospitals, markets, transportation, schools etc etc. All in just one link-url. Take a look: The tours are optimized to look great on both the desktop as well as mobile devices.

Then we provide the same tour, but with Your Realtor Branding for you to post on your Facebook Page, Instagram, Linked In etc etc.

Finished? We just got started.

Both Branded and Un Branded Tours are posted to Linked In, FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tweeted. Branded version has your name in the title.

Your images are converted into a Realtor Branded video and posted on YouTube and that is posted on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In and Tweeted (all with your name in the title).

The secret to Social Media is repetition, getting YOUR NAME out there, over and over again.  In a nut shell, the more times your name is indexed, the more important you are. For every property we shoot for you, your name will be added to these indexes at least 20 times, then the promoting you do only increases the occurrences.


What we don’t do

This is a Real Estate Marketing and Photography company. We do not shoot weddings, birthdays, parties etc.
This is what we are good at and truly believe that a Jack of all trades isn’t a master of any of them.

It’s your choice, hire a Photographer or hire a Marketer, Cost is the same!

Does Social Media work? It does if your reading this.