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Tim Pearson’s listing at 410 N 7th St, Carlton, OR

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Tim Pearson



Oregon has been my home for over 58 years. I grew up in the laid back, yet exceptional town of The Dalles, which is the gateway to the famous Columbia River Gorge.

As a U.S.Army veteran, I learned at a very early age the meaning of honor, commitment and integrity. After serving my country I spent my early adult years exploring the West Coast. I played hard… Hiking, fishing, hunting, snowboarding, surfing & back packing wilderness areas.

I finally settled down in Bend, where I met my amazing wife Juli. We moved to the Portland area in 1996 and started our family. I began my career in real estate in 1990 which ended up being a perfect fit for me. I have been in the business of representing home buyers & sellers for over 28 years and still love my real estate career. I beat cancer in 2006 and I count my blessings daily. I do my best to “give back” every chance I get.

Let me help make your next real estate deal your best ever!

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