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Been there, done that!

Over the years our interpretation of a virtual tour has changed, starting with a simple gallery, then a YouTube “video” (the gallery on YouTube), to overlays, sliders, popups etc. When we finished, we scrapped it all.

A Great Virtual Tour may have video elements, slideshows, 360 3-D tours. It may have maps, have sound and may have descriptions. We have seen it all, and when all is said and done, we decided there was to much bling. It got confusing and it often didn’t work. Old browsers, operating systems, tablet and smart phones. It always had issues or just broke.

Our Virtual Tours keep elements separated, Look at one or the other. And we don’t break. A clean interface on Desktops and Laptops, a clean interface on phones and tablets. In other words, we kept it clean and informative, just like we tried to do with our website, clean and informative. We have 1 sample tour that has it all, try it on all your devices, if you break it. Let us know. It works on everything we have, but we don’t have everything.

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