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Caralee Slowik’s listing at 36400 Leslie Rd, Scio, OR

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Caralee Slowik




Caralee has been a Real Estate Broker since 2007, a Principal Broker managing a Real Estate Office, and a Business Coach for Tom Ferry International. Her family moved from Portland to McMinnville to start up a business when she was young. As an adult, she co-owned and operated a business for 17 years and raised 4 fantastic children in Yamhill County, finding it a wonderful place to raise a family. In recent years she now has another daughter and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Yamhill County is prime wine country and less than an hour away from the beach and the City of Portland. She is very familiar with the surrounding areas as her family roots, for a couple of generations, are from the Portland area. She also recently managed a real estate office in Lincoln City making her real estate expertise and business very broad from Portland to the Coast.

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